Add a bell or two to your existing social networks

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Add a bell or two to your existing social networks
Most companies know that consistency is key when posting content on social media. One or two posts per day is the minimum number that reflects the engagement of the community of followers you want to convert into consumers or subscribers. However, changing things up every now and then can inspire an uninterested follower to revisit your social media platform and take a fresh look at your product or service, which will delight your loyal customers who regularly interact with you .

What do we suggest?
Try to grow your YouTube channel. As an additional video option for social media platforms that allows you to post smaller 60-second video clips, a YouTube channel allows you to present longer, more informative responses to your thoughts, opinions, or ideas. Post YouTube videos to your Instagram account as an innovative and different tool to enhance your regular video posting program or video ads. If you’re not sure where to start, look at some of the questions in the FAQ section of your website and start answering comprehensively topics you may have briefly answered. YouTube also offers you the opportunity to consider subscriptions and memberships as a way to monetize another aspect of your social media marketing campaign, should you wish to consider this option in the future.

Organize a competition. If you want to run a social media contest on your established business channels, follow these simple steps. There are also many types of contests including photo contests, video contests, caption contests, sweepstakes, like/share/reply and vote to win. Submitting content can be as simple as sharing or retweeting a post to encourage more posts and increase brand awareness. Consumers may follow specific social media accounts, or you may want your participants to fill out forms so you can learn more about them. Remember that each type of competition has a specific goal and depends on the time you want to spend on it.

If you’re not sure what to post to engage your readers, you can always check out the many content challenges that offer suggestions for the occasional “rework” of your regular posts. What other social media resolutions should companies make for the new year? Share your ideas here.