AI Technologies: Intelligent Agriculture

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AI Technologies: Intelligent Agriculture
Using machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence processes large amounts of data to enable farmers to make smart decisions. This technology uses predictive analytics and robotics to manage planting, harvesting and productivity. Discover some of the unique applications of artificial intelligence that are perfect for the agricultural sector. These revolutionary AI-based ideas can ensure global food security, accuracy and sustainability.

IWeed control system based on computer vision “WCS”
: Weeds are the true enemies of crops. WCS uses computer vision to provide real-time monitoring and detect specific leaves. AI-powered weeding robots are equipped with cameras. This system detects weeds and keeps plants healthy.

Benefits: WCS enables automatic weed identification and elimination. Using harmless and effective herbicide and pesticide sprays helps control weeds. This minimizes the need for extensive treatments.

II. AI chatbot for farmers
: In inaccessible areas, mobile applications and website-based chatbots provide instant solutions to farmers’ problems such as crop management, crop pests, weather forecasting and farm equipment maintenance. AI-powered chatbots can help farmers assess crop prices and market conditions, and this data can help them choose the best time and cost to sell their crops.
: In an emergency situation such as a crop failure, farmers can get timely advice from industry experts through simple chat or voice communication with chatbots. Farmers in remote areas can also benefit from the agricultural education and training provided through this conversational tool to increase food production without the need to be physically present.