Basic information and tips on gamification in the banking sector

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Basic information and tips on gamification in the banking sector

As the name suggests, gamification refers to the application of a gaming technique or methodology in a non-gaming environment. Just like a game, continued participation or activity leads to rewards that ultimately increase engagement.

When someone hears the word “gamification,” they think of games or content that are misleading to children or a frivolous activity. Implementing gamification in the banking sector was therefore challenging. However, the results of increased customer activity and more customers have eliminated any stereotypes associated with gamification. funny and interesting




key features

Different types of games can be used in banking systems. Here are the main features of the games you can use at the bank:

point system

Points are awarded for every activity, website visit or transaction. The number of points awarded may vary depending on the activity or transaction amount.

This system can help you track a customer’s progress or reward them for coming back to learn more. Points can also represent an achievement. For example, when a customer manages to achieve significant savings.


Like game levels, you can set up levels to track where your customers are on their path to a specific goal. Allow the client to set a goal and allow them to move to the next level as they move toward that goal. It is easier to imagine what has been achieved and what remains to be achieved.

leader boards and badges

These are amazing visual recognition tools. When customers see their leadership team or receive special badges, it creates a sense of accomplishment and encourages them to do more.