Content that evokes strong and positive emotions

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Content that evokes strong and positive emotions
Although information represents the basic integration of content, in most cases Internet users look for subtle, emotion-driven inspiration. Therefore, it is not surprising that happy, positive emotions inspire people to take further action.

The study shows that 25% of internet users would take the next step if the content excited them, 17% would laugh, 15% would be entertained, 14% would be happy and 6% would be surprised. When implementing social media marketing strategies, you can focus on content that evokes these emotions to get more likes and shares.

contents with lists
A Buzzsumo study conducted by OkDork shows that listicle content is one of the most shared forms on social media, followed by infographics. The other most popular posts with the most shares were “How to,” “Why,” and “What.”

Another study by Hubspot suggests that list posts are the most popular among the public – 22.45%. Because these posts are easy to navigate and perfect for people who are short on time, they are ideal for social media users who want to get a broad base of information in the shortest amount of time.

Today, content writing companies have the expertise to create content in the listed format to adequately serve their clients’ social media channels.

content with images
Here are some surprising facts about the popularity of photos on social media.

Facebook receives around 300 million photos uploaded by users around the world every day. In the last six months, Instagram
usage has increased by 1,179%.
Facebook posts with photos received 53% more likes than posts without photos.
social media posts with images generated up to 180% engagement compared to others.
These facts and figures are enough to justify why you should incorporate image content into your posts for social media marketing purposes. Yes, images can be shared and content with images appears more attractive because it is easier to understand.

Are you still undecided about what type of content to use in your social media marketing campaign? Well, it totally depends on the industry your business is in and the needs of your audience on social media. So get ready to design your digital marketing with the right content for your business.