Finance and Investments

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3. Finance and Investments:
Investopedia: The Trusted Source for Personal Finance, Investing & Financial Education.
The Penny Hoarder: Hosts guest posts on personal finance, money-saving tips, and frugal living.
Money Crashers: Provides a platform for guest writers to share information about personal finance and money management.
Kiplinger: Reputable platform for personal finance, business and investment topics.
NerdWallet: Hosts guest posts on personal finance, financial advice, and money-saving strategies.

4. Health and well-being:
MindBodyGreen: a platform for holistic health, well-being and mindful living.
Healthline: A leading health site covering a variety of health-related topics and accepting guest posts.
Greatist: Provides customers with an opportunity to share ideas on fitness, nutrition and mental health.
Psychology Today: Welcomes guest posts on topics related to psychology, mental health and personal development.
Wellness Mama: With a focus on natural health, nutrition and parenting, it offers guest posting opportunities.

5. Niche Blog:
Smashing Magazine – A leading website design and development platform that welcomes guest posts. Moz
Blog: A trusted SEO, digital marketing, and ecommerce source that welcomes customer feedback.
Copyblogger: Accept guest posts on content marketing, copywriting, and online business strategies.
Tiny Buddha: Allows guests to post about personal growth, mindfulness, and happiness.
Food52: A popular restaurant and cooking platform that accepts guest posts from food enthusiasts.