Here are some ways to use IGTV and get positive results for your brand

Here are some ways to use IGTV and get positive results for your brand

films and be creative

IGTV estimates that video content can last up to an hour for verified accounts and up to 10 minutes for regular accounts. However, keep in mind that both video content periods are very long. Imagine what you can do with it.

Here are some techniques and 10-minute content brands use on their IGTV channels:

Interviews. Brands use IGTV to post interviews with experts and industry leaders known to their audience.
Introduction. IGTV is relatively new and posting introductory content can make a good first impression on your followers. Present basic information about your brand, products and services.
Exclusive. You can think of your IGTV account as an account that is different from your other social media accounts, meaning that new and exclusive content is only available on your IGTV channel. For example, you can publish a behind-the-scenes video or an excerpt from a new video on other platforms.
Use calls to action
IGTV allows you to add a call to action that you can insert into the description and click on the link or simply swipe up on the content in IGTV. IGTV is new and your viewers may not notice that the description includes a call to action that they can read. It is recommended to place the CTA at the beginning of the content. Here are some call-to-action ideas you can incorporate into your IGTV content:

Encourage a follower to tag other users to increase engagement
Create a sense of urgency by including timed explanations (e.g. only for a limited time, available to the first 20 people, etc.)
Linking to other videos can increase the views of your old videos.