How to Choose an Internet Marketing Niche and Master It Quickly

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How to Choose an Internet Marketing Niche and Master It Quickly
In a recent interview on List Crusade with Tellman Knudson, Shawn Casey revealed how to choose a digital marketing niche and crush the competition.

(Note: Free access to the full audio interview with Shawn Casey can be found at the end of the article.)

Shawn’s experience as an attorney, author, publisher, entrepreneur, business executive, speaker, and teacher makes him uniquely qualified to show you how to be successful in Internet marketing. Shawn is considered one of the world’s leading financial experts. Thanks to the valuable information it provides, the company is credited with saving thousands and millions.

Listen carefully to what Shawn has to say:

“Let’s say you know something about the Rose Garden. They love the rose garden. You’re probably an expert at it, but you don’t realize it because it’s your passion.”

Your market would be other people interested in the rose garden. You can create a report, an audio, a video… something that provides valuable information about the rose garden…maybe how to cut them…how to do something. I don’t know much about the rose garden, so I don’t know what it will be.

Then you find people who are in touch with people who want to buy roses, information about how to care for roses, what roses to plant, where to plant them, how to prune them, how to cut them and all that interesting stuff that people do do.

Then you reach the people who generate traffic and gain followers. You tell them, “Listen, I have valuable information for your guests. So if you offer this to them, Mr. Rose Grower, you will be a good man. You give them free information that they would otherwise have to go to a garden store or hardware store and hand over money for. They give it away for free. This will help you improve your credibility, make your customers like you more, make you seem like a good guy, and build your list.’

In return you will receive goodwill, good karma, subscribers and potential customers. Of course you don’t have to tell him. They should just understand that. They distribute your product, which brings them back to your website where they can purchase from you. It doesn’t hurt them at all because you’re not in direct competition with them.

With this method we enter a related market because we provide the information while they provide the product.

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