Instagram plugin for WordPress

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Instagram plugin for WordPress:

The relationship between Instagram and WordPress is perhaps more interesting than a simple integration. There are many Instagram plugins available in WordPress that allow us to do much more than just embed individual photos or videos into our blog and social media wall pages. Creating image sliders or using WordPress as a backup for your Instagram photos are some features of these plugins. Some plugins can also help you create an Instagram gallery in your sidebar. Here are some of the best plugins we recommend to our readers –

Instagram scroll widgets

This plugin allows you to create image sliders on your blog or website by importing images from Instagram as WordPress attachments without having to use an API link. It sorts images randomly or by popularity and date and links them to the user’s profile.

DsgnWrks Instagram Importer

With this plugin you can make your WordPress site backup your Instagram data.

Third Party Instagram Aggregator Tools:

Instagram aggregator tools help you collect, organize, and embed Instagram feeds on your WordPress website. Besides Instagram, you can also use Instagram aggregators to collect social media content from multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, etc.

It is also known as social media aggregator, hashtag aggregator, feed aggregator, UGC aggregator, etc.

Instagram’s aggregator tool allows you to easily group Instagram live streams based on a hashtag and ID. Once you’ve collected all of your Instagram feeds, you can create an Instagram board for your website. You then generate the embed code and embed your active Instagram channels on the website.