Instead of writing, talk to your followers

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Instead of writing, talk to your followers
Instead of writing your message, share it with your followers. Ask them questions in your message and try to talk to them. By interacting with your followers and answering their questions, you can build trust.

Always be true
Never lie to your followers. Be real and authentic with them because people always identify with brands that they believe are genuine. So let your subscribers know about your company and the entire team that supports it. This will build trust and people will prefer to do business with brands they know, like and trust.

Make them feel special
Your followers are special and you make them feel special. Let her know you appreciate her. You can do this by promoting your followers. You can choose any day and promote any Twitter follower. Speaking of Facebook, you can post a “Fan of the Week” and give them a gift basket. You can also mention why they are a fan of the week to encourage other followers.

Note: Try to mention or tag only one follower at a time, as liking multiple followers at the same time can spoil the special feeling.

Go ahead
This is one of the most important steps. Since you know your competitors are posting about their products and services, you can try to stand out and exceed your expectations. You can tell your followers how your company, product or service can benefit them and impact their daily lives.

Try to go beyond your words and offer a solution that will ease the pain. Not only will you turn your subscribers into customers, but you will also position your business and your company as a market leader.

Organize giveaways or contests
Plan giveaways and hold small contests every day to engage your followers or recipients.

Let’s take an example: I run a gym or fitness center so I can ask my followers for post-workout photos or videos, share healthy recipes, and start a workout challenge. Offer a cash or other prize to the winner at the end of the content.

special offers and deals
Offer special offers and discounts to your subscribers. Special offers for subscribers attract them and keep them loyal to your company or brand. Make sure your subscribers take advantage of these discount offers, so make them easy and fun.

You can actually start a monthly, weekly or daily transaction. You can engage your subscribers with these offers and discount offers.