Is it worth buying an iPad or a laptop for your studies? A Complete Guide for Students

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Is it worth buying an iPad or a laptop for your studies? A Complete Guide for Students

With the start of the new academic year, many students inevitably wonder whether they should buy an iPad or a laptop to best support their degree. This question is harder than ever, especially when comparing MacBooks and iPads, which now have the same processors and similar prices.

This guide covers the following:

requirements for a specific degree.
major differences and similarities in characteristics and abilities.
price differences.
you will come to a useful conclusion that will help you make a purchase decision.
Detailed study requirements
technical diplomas
The first and most important consideration is whether your degree, course, or module has specific requirements for your laptop. For example, many other technical majors, including engineering and physics, require software to help you complete them. This software may not be available on iPads at all, or may require a Windows laptop to run.

If this is the case, your decision has already been made for you and you need to get the system required for your degree. It is imperative to ask yourself the right questions before making a purchase decision and after a few months realize that the equipment you have purchased is useless.

academic titles and writings
Likewise, you will have more freedom in your purchasing decisions if you take a course that is more research- and writing-oriented and has no special computer requirements. If all you want to do is learn and use a word processor, then an iPad or laptop is for you. However, there are some distinct differences that are worth considering and will be discussed later in this article.

differences and similarities in functions and skills The iPad
and the laptop have many differences in their features and capabilities that may make you buy one or the other.
Holder for Apple Pencil
The iPad
is great for note-taking because you can use the Apple Pencil to add a writing element to your notes. For example, being able to quickly annotate lecture notes like paper is much more natural and convenient than creating text boxes and typing everything. Handwriting enables greater expressiveness with sophisticated annotations and creative illustrations that make notes more memorable and personal than flowing text. The iPad is designed to integrate with the Apple Pencil, which laptops, even if they have touchscreens, can’t compete with.