List of advanced features for each chat app:

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List of advanced features for each chat app:
1. Chat Channels: Create a large number of chat features based on user usage, such as: E.g. group chats, one-on-one conversations and broadcast chats.

2. Share and Store: You don’t need to share great information, just share unlimited media files on unlimited devices.

3.Payment Integration: Paying through your chat app is now easy.

4. Push Notifications: Improve your online presence with active push notifications via messaging or other real-time communication format across multiple platforms and devices with end-to-end encryption.

5. Security: Equipped with three-level security encryption to protect your assets with end-to-end encryption, AES and HMAC features to create a secure email platform.

6. Chat SDK and Messaging API: Make the collaboration platform more intuitive and maintain the chat integration API in cross-platform and third-party iOS/Android/Web apps.

Make your selection:
Since chat platform and messaging solution providers offer different features and functionality, it is very important to understand that the features provided meet the unique needs of your business. Therefore, customization plays a crucial role for the chat app to play a significant role. When it comes to customizing your entire chat solution, partnering with Mirrorfly is the ideal solution to create a next-generation chat solution with scalable features, while Quickblox can make it more cost-effective by providing a complete chat solution based on premium product subscriptions. An amazing chat app offers intuitive and efficient apps that work on all platforms.