List of market-leading React Native libraries

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List of market-leading React Native libraries:

React to native paper
React Native Paper is a cross-platform library that provides an API-driven, cross-platform React Native UI powered by Google Materials. React Native Paper is a component developed by official React Native partner Callstack that supports the theme development process and offers pre-built components for production use.

When using this library, you can reduce the package size using the Babel plugin. All application modules that are not used by the application are excluded and only those imported into the application component files should be included.

Respond with navigation
There is never just one screen in a mobile application.Multiple screens are generally managed by a browser, which controls the appearance and transition between them. React Navigation allows you to showcase popular navigation templates on Android and iOS devices.
There are
packages available for a variety of browsers including stacks, tabs, and drawers. The tool’s unlimited customization options, platform-specific features, and ease of use allow you to build complex application architectures with multiple browsers organized by platform.

React Kitty with native UI
There is a native React UI library called UI Kitten that allows you to build beautiful cross-platform and cross-brand compatible mobile apps. Thanks to vector animations, the performance of the application is significantly increased. Exporting animation data to JSON really makes it magical. The library quickly attracted a large group of programmers, reaching 14.2 thousand. Stars on GitHub.