Popular dark websites

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Popular dark websites

As more and more people use Tor, we are seeing more and more websites that are only available on the dark web. One of the most popular is Hidden Answers, a kind of dark version of Reddit or Quora. It is a place where users can ask questions and receive advice from the community without fear of retaliation. “Hidden Answers” questions range from everyday questions like “What should you wear to a job interview” to more personal questions like “Would you like to freeze your head when you die?”

Another dark site worth mentioning is ZeroBin, a site that provides a way to share files anonymously on the Tor network. Simply paste the file link on the website and ZeroBin’s servers will encrypt it on your behalf before sending it to the server. The files will then be deleted later. This service is similar to other Clearnet alternatives, but ZeroBin offers two key advantages: no gate is required and it is password protected.

Other popular dark websites include Intel Exchange, which allows you to discuss topics of interest with other anonymous users. You’ll also find discussions about current events, including a dark take on Wikileaks. There are also other useful websites on the dark web, including Facebook Mirror, which lets you use the social media platform without exposing your privacy to the tentacles of data-hungry companies, and SecureDrop, a software that can be installed by non-users. Government organizations and media to safely accept whistleblower leaks.

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