Research Instagram marketing keywords and hashtags

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Research Instagram marketing keywords and hashtags
The keywords and hashtags used on Instagram should also be taken into account as they will help you reach the right audience. Typically, the SEO process uses tools like Google Keyword Planner to find keywords. But with Instagram you have to take a different approach.

Sure, you can use some keywords as Instagram tags for use in posts or as hashtags (combining words and adding them after the # symbol), but that’s not enough. The reason for this is that people use and search Instagram with a completely different mindset. They actually search for images or small videos on Instagram and use relevant keywords.
The strength of
Instagram lies in its uncompromising management of hashtags. When searching for keywords, you can search based on multiple criteria.

First, you can use words or combinations of words that best define your products, services, or publications.

Another option is to use trending keywords. Whatever trending keywords you think fit your posts, you can use them and target the right audience. For example, you may want to add trending keywords to your restaurant post because you see that Arabella Hotel & Spa’s New Year post is inviting people to its restaurant. In addition to post-related hashtags, trending hashtags such as #Family, #Travel, etc. were also used. Likewise, if you also run another business, you can use hashtags accordingly in your posts.

In addition to the above, there are trending hashtags that promote major or minor achievements in a particular industry. You will be asked to add specific hashtags to access your account features. By using these hashtags you can attract the attention of a large audience. For example, @teethbeforeafter might display the description “Use #teethbeforeafter to be featured.” In this profile’s posts, you can see reposts from many dentist profiles that have mentioned this hashtag in their posts along with the profile names.

Many users also add hashtags with the names of countries, cities, states, etc., which helps attract the attention of people who like to browse posts about places.

As your posts gain popularity, some of them will appear in Google or Bing search results, which can help you grow your business. Another thing is that popular profiles get clicks on their website names which increases the traffic on your website which also helps in increasing the visibility of your website.