Set prices and write descriptions

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Set prices and write descriptions
Once you’ve decided which items you want to get rid of to make room for new ones, you’ll need to do some research. First, find out how much you will have to pay if you buy the item new.

Now you need to determine the price of the used item. In many cases this can be easily accomplished by visiting eBay. Enter the item name in the search box and click Advanced Search. Re-enter the item on the next page and check the box for completed listings. This will bring up a list of items like yours and what they sold for on eBay.

The next step is to check the features, condition, and age of your item. Many people find this the hardest part of selling an item online because they want to ignore flaws on their product. Get realistic with yourself about the value of your item before proceeding.

If your item is rare, it will usually have a higher value. On the other hand, if your item has been in production for several years, the items made first tend to have the highest value. You will need to have the item appraised or do further research before taking the next step. Consider the size of your article’s audience, because the fewer people likely to be interested in your article, the less likely you are to benefit from it.

Once you set the price, you need to become a great storyteller. Create a headline that grabs people’s attention. Take the time to describe your product in detail and verbally describe why someone needs your product. If the item belonged to a famous person, be sure to mention it, and if you are the first owner, mention it too.