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Six mobile apps that can help your child get better grades.

Six mobile apps that can help your child get better grades.

You actually have the ability to use technology to your child’s advantage because it has been present in the educational field for a considerable amount of time. Some mobile apps can actually help your child’s grades, and not all mobile apps are a source of distraction. Even mobile phones can help students study, stick to a schedule, and maintain the required academic discipline when used correctly. You are free to give your child a phone or tablet, but make sure they have the following six apps installed.

Kids on YouTube

Students respond to videos more than textual information, making YouTube one of the best resources for learning about topics. Give your child access to the standard app or download YouTube Kids, where they can watch educational videos on almost any topic, depending on their level. You get parental control with the safe search option, and YouTube also has strict rules about what searches can be done. YouTube is still the best app for learning a new instrument or reading about astronomy.

Six mobile apps that can help your child get better grades.


The curriculum at the best school in Sonepat mandates foreign language classes. The Duolingo app lets your child improve his or her language skills while on the go. It offers lessons in English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, and Italian, among other languages. The download contains a variety of lessons for all levels and is free. When the teacher is not immediately available, students learning a foreign language can combine the school materials with this app to learn the correct pronunciation and spelling.


One of the most important factors in helping students get better grades is time management, and effective study requires careful planning. In addition to offering a plethora of other advantages, the Timetable app combines both of these features into a single application. This app allows students to create their school routine, color-code their days, set reminders for lessons and homework, and make a schedule for upcoming exams. The app can communicate with other apps and sync across multiple Android devices. To avoid being interrupted, students can also set Timetable to silence their phones during lesson times.

Consider making an investment in this paid app because it has the potential to transform your child’s vocabulary. You get access to over twenty lakh definitions, thesaurus features, antonyms, synonyms, origin, history, and a lot more for a price that is lower than a real dictionary. A widget from that displays their “Word of the Day” can also be installed on your child’s phone’s home screen, allowing them to learn continuously without actually reading. Ads are present in the free version, but they are absent in the paid version.

Box Dragon.

Dragon Box is the ideal platform for helping Sonepat’s best schools encourage students to begin learning mathematics early. Children won’t respond well to just numbers, but if math is mixed in with fun videos and educational games, they will learn algebra and geometry more quickly. You can assist your child in making math enjoyable and enhance the overall learning experience with the Dragon Box app. It is easy to use, gives students access to five learning apps, and makes the subject matter more understandable as a whole. Your answer to activity-based learning could be Dragon Box.


One of the best apps for bookmarking resources, making notes, and marking important points across all platforms. Students can use Evernote to write essays, create soft copies of their class notes, conduct project research, create a checklist, set reminders, and more. Students can access their materials from anywhere thanks to this free app, which is accessible across all devices with the necessary sync. It can serve as a notebook, daily journal, subject planner, and many other uses for your child. Evernote makes organizing a breeze and bags are definitely lighter.

The best Sonepat school will always acknowledge the advantages of mobile apps and encourage students to use those that are helpful. Swarnprastha is one of those schools that belongs on that list and has its own school app to help parents and students. The school’s SCHOOFI app provides a number of important benefits, such as real-time notifications, reminders for upcoming events, declarations of exam results, and many more, bridging the gap between parents and teachers. It’s time for students to use technology to its full potential to improve their grades, and mobile apps can really serve as a helpful guide.

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