The Details about Capacitors

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Capacitors details

Next to resistors, capacitors are the most common. Simply put, capacitors are containers that store electrical charge. Since the shape of the capacitor should be familiar to most people who handle appliances, I’ll be brief. Typical capacitors can be divided into: chip capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors, aluminium electrolytic capacitors, OS solid capacitors, electrodeless electrolytic capacitors, porcelain capacitors, mica capacitors, polypropylene capacitors based on their shape and manufacturing materials.

One of the most important computer chip capacitors in a variety of popular circuit boards, but few chip capacitors have a logo, chip capacitor capacitance reading method logo and chip resistor only the symbol of the unit pF (1000000 pF = 1μF). Since most chip capacitors do not have a logo, I think the damage is not easy and has nothing to do with it. There are many ceramic capacitors and various metallized capacitors in computer power supplies, colour displays and many peripheral devices, so I would like to say that these capacitors belong to non-polar capacitors. Their rated capacitance is the digital method and resistors, only some capacitors use “n”, “n” means 1000 and is in the position, and the value of the capacitance also has a relationship, e.g. e.g. the nominal capacitance of a 10n capacitor is 10000 pF (i.e. 0.01 μF), denoted by 4n7, the capacitance of the capacitor is 4700 pF (i.e., 4.7n) instead of 47000pF, since the dielectric strength values are noted on the capacitor for two types of capacitor, for example 65V, 100V, 400V…and so on (just a few I don’t report, but usually over 65V). usually above 65V).

Here I will tell you a little about the aluminium electrolytic capacitors, which feature high capacity and low cost, so they are widely used in various power boards and cases and most peripherals. To reduce production costs, some manufacturers use multiple capacitors with relatively low withstand voltage, such as filter capacitors with 5V withstand voltage and 6.5V withstand voltage. Although it can be used, the failure rate combined with its thermal stability is slightly higher . not very high, so replacing aluminium electrolytic capacitors is very common. Just replace the withstand voltage value with the actual voltage, which is 1.5 times the capacitor. However, also pay attention that the positive and negative poles cannot be reversed, especially the power supply part of electrolytic capacitors should provide more power. Colon
, otherwise it may burn out the capacitor.

In addition, there is a brand of capacitors, different brands of resistors do not have the same error value, but different brands of capacitors have different service lives and different qualities, such as B. different insulation losses and resistances as well as different temperature coefficients. The following author will introduce you some good brands: PHILIPS (Philips), RubyconBLACK GATE (Black Gold Steel), Rubicon (Ruby), ELNA, ROE, SOLEN, Nichicon, DECON, WIMA (this product is a very expensive one Capacitor on top with a capacity of 1μF), REFA, ERO in case you really don’t see it. They don’t actually associate words, just remember all the capacitors with the two letters C, D (all prefixes). You do not buy
capacitors, these capacitors are not the world’s leading manufacturers, and some capacitors used in computer boards and circuit boards may also have a bad impact. These capacitors can only be used if the product capacity requirements are not too high (e.g. up to 4 dollars per radio), their capacity and some other failure performance indicators are very important, even if the new factory products can guarantee about 4 years can have better performance, so it can’t be loaded in computer accessories.

Note: chip capacitors are mostly Gray, the capacitance in the circuit is the symbol “C”.