The fashion industry promotes business through social media

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The fashion industry promotes business through social media

on Instagram

Another important social media platform is Instagram with an active user base of one billion. With excellent filters and photo editing features, Instagram is the best place for users interested in photography and uploading photos on a daily basis. We also recently added a “Show More” option, which when combined with a story or post redirects viewers to the actual company’s website. For example, women in cocktail dresses might appear in an Instagram story and the “See more” option takes viewers directly to a link where they can purchase the dress.


On YouTube, fashion companies partner with creators and influencers to include their products in their videos, easily racking up millions of views in no time. YouTube is also a great option for uploading high-quality, behind-the-scenes videos that viewers enjoy and help build connection and trust with your business.


Speaking of a look behind the scenes: Snapchat offers viewers an exclusive look at events like Fashion Week, live and from the perspective of designers and models. Snapchat users have casual and personal experiences as they are connected to the daily lives and events of stylists and influencers.


Now that we’ve talked about some of the major social media platforms, I’ll move on to a useful tool that every social media site has: the use of hashtags. By using hashtags, you can easily spread your content and create buzz on social media. Platforms like Twitter then show which hashtags are trending around the world, increasing awareness and encouraging action. A catchy hashtag can be used across many platforms and media types, which can be a factor that differentiates a fashion brand’s social media promotion from the competition.