They do not ensure proper user engagement

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They do not ensure proper user engagement
It is well known that user engagement is an essential aspect of social media marketing; Otherwise, it will also become a simple advertisement that may not bring much benefit to your business.

Buying followers doesn’t lead to real engagement. From these purchased accounts, you can only get “nice post” engagement, which is nothing but a bot-like activity.

However, if you have real followers, you will also find sufficient engagement. Comments can be marked as appropriate engagement when users share their experiences and ask questions. Such engagement is essential and increases your confidence in the market.

Plus, getting engaged while live streaming Instagram Stories seems nearly impossible. Live videos are useful when you have a real audience, most of which comes from your subscribers. Purchased subscribers don’t pay much attention to live videos. Live video, on the other hand, allows business owners to interact directly with users, which is not possible with purchased subscribers.