Try mapping your SEO keywords to social media

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Try mapping your SEO keywords to social media

To maximize the exposure of your social media profiles, it is very important to focus on SEO keywords. And if you don’t take advantage of this and optimize your website properly, you’re leaving the door open for your competition. Therefore, structure your keywords and remember to target key phrases to your social profiles in a completely natural and spam-free way. If you can effectively incorporate a keyword or phrase into your profile or page name, it will greatly improve your ranking in Google’s keyword search results, as well as social media search itself. .

Use a branded cover photo

The cover photo is the first thing every user who visits your website sees and the most important thing is to make a good impression. This is your best opportunity to convey your brand message to your current and future followers. Be sure to follow each website’s sizing guidelines to ensure that sizing and formatting are not misaligned. Finally, you should only use relevant and memorable professional photos.

Stay in control

Never allow an employee to use their personal email address to create or manage social media accounts for your brand. Always emphasize the importance of using a company-controlled email account. The main reason for this is that you cannot optimize an account that you do not have access to due to staff turnover. Additionally, a professional email address presents a more authentic and sophisticated image to any potential customer.

Social media can become one of the most important resources for improving the organic search results of any website, but only if used correctly. By simply following these five steps, you’ll be on your way to perfectly optimized social media.