Ways to boost your Instagram marketing

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Ways to boost your Instagram marketing

Add stories to the mix

This great feature gives you the opportunity to create live video content that delights your subscribers. Adding captions, using filters and/or doodles will definitely spice up your Instagram marketing efforts and let your personality shine through. Remember, your content needs to be relevant and unique, otherwise your followers won’t bother clicking on your story. Before you create anything, think about it. Additionally, you can create an editorial calendar in advance, as you would for any social network your company operates on.

exploitative ads

Every social network offers you the opportunity to promote your business, and Instagram is no exception. Creating ads on Instagram is easy and can be done using Facebook Ads Manager or within the app. Before you start creating images and text, you need to define your target audience, budget, duration and choose a call-to-action button. If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can select the posts you want to promote directly in the app. This advertising platform helps your business reach potential customers. Unleash your creativity and start creating ads.

Collaborate with influencers on Instagram

Since Instagramers trust influencers and respect their opinions, leverage that star power and collaborate with those who best represent your brand. Not only do they increase your brand’s credibility, but they also help you increase your reach and ultimately your sales.

Before you start searching for the best influencers, determine the goal you want to achieve and plan your Instagram campaign accordingly.

Reaching out to the influencers you think are the best fit for you and your brand shouldn’t be a problem, as their contact details are usually included in the bio section.