What not to do on social media

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What not to do on social media
1. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors
social media is full of grammar nazis who pride themselves on correcting other people’s grammatical and spelling mistakes. To avoid being targeted by grammar Nazis, remember to prepare your posts in advance. Don’t rush to publish content, always proofread it or have someone proofread it before publishing to check for obvious spelling or grammatical errors before publishing. A simple grammatical or spelling mistake can affect your credibility on social media.

2. Avoid using “CAPS”
When we want someone to pay more attention to a certain content, we use CAPITAL LETTERS, which means we write the entire word in capital letters. While your intention to use capitalization may be legitimate, using capitalization to form capitalized sentences may be offensive or indicate that you are upset about something. This usage can lead to misunderstandings and ultimately convey a completely negative message. Avoid using it as it may disturb your audience.

3. Focus on quality, not quantity
Although it is good to communicate with your audience through posts, it is not advisable to overdo it. The number of posts you should publish may vary depending on the platform you use. On Twitter you might tweet a dozen times a day, but on Facebook and LinkedIn try to limit posts to one or two posts per day. Post occasionally at times when your audience is most active online to achieve maximum reach without irritating your audience too much.

4.Don’t repeat your messages
It’s really annoying for your audience when the same posts are shared multiple times on the same platform. While you can share it multiple times on Twitter, it’s a total no-no on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. If you want to convey the same message to your audience, get a little creative, repeat the message and repost it after giving it a new look.